Very instructive and full of foresight.

Makes you understand how the web is different, how you have to accept losses before making profit, accept losses even if your main business is making profits but dying…


Odéon Ciel bleuGone is the sun, gone are the vacations, the “Back to Business 2007” will be more exciting than ever :

  • Financial Markets are on the Russian Hills
  • Competition authority to investigate TF1 and AB acquisition of TMC, the leading channel on the French DTT (les Echos)
  • NBC Universal to be interested in the American Teva (Hollywood Reporter), transaction price could reach $1.5 bn (Paul Allen and Oprah Winfrey are investors), to merge it with its “Au Feminin”-like website, iVillage (NYT).
  • Neuf Cegetel is allegedly curbing access to DailyMotion (Les Echos)
  • Skype outage (Financial Times)
  • In the meanwhile in India, share of revenues in the cable industry is changing (Financial Times)
  • BBC Radio Service cut from the air in Russia
  • Basic Cable delivers mass audience in the US (NYT)
  • Michael Wolff to write on Murdoch (NYT)

Welcome back if you left !

It just occured to me, (and this not only some kind of discrimination against elders), but two elderly persons have taken some positions in the Press Sector this week. I thought that they were talking about the audience when they said that the Press was getting older …

Mougeotte (67)


Murdoch (76)

Follow up reading : this article from The Atlantic Monthly , the Age of Murdoch

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