FacebookedOk that’s a lazy pun, but in a great article in Wired (great writing too), we learn that Mark Zuckerberg turned down the Yahoo! offer for $1 bn, and that the company might be valued more than $ 5bn.

Zuckerberg, 23, might became the youngest billionaire in US historyif he would IPO FB.

Some stats : 36 M subs, +1M addition per week, and more notably, a lot of 35+.

Another striking thing is how much you can count on people’s laziness :
So, 3 days after the feature launched, he posted a 485-word open letter to his users, apologizing for the surprise and explaining how they could opt out of News Feed if they wished. The tactic worked; the controversy ended as quickly as it began, with no real impact on user growth.
FB introduced new features that would in the company eyes increase the value of the company and then present the change to its users with an opt-out possibility. They have just done the same with the Google Search indexation  …

 Another interesting point : The site’s nearly 40 million active users generate more than a billion pageviews a day, but ad clickthrough rates are low. An estimated half of its $150 million in revenue comes from an advertising deal with Microsoft.