Ok right, we are like touching the top of the virtual worlds here.

Let’s sum this up :
Scobleizer is a famous blog about tech, written by Robert Scoble, a guy that used to cover blogs for Microsoft and who is now blogging and authoring and hosting a video show. He is also twittering and quite often refers to good articles and ideas around the Silicon Valley. Now he is refering to an article of Danah Boyd (i love the name), quite a celebrity in all tech things related to social networks. Now she is writing about Facebook, which is also pretty far away in terms of reality (or not ?). What does she say ? Basically, she cannot get the fuss around Facebook (I am utterly confused by the ways in which the tech industry fetishizes Facebook), since it has many limitations blah blah.

What is my point ?
It boils down to this : I am tech fan and all the fuss around internet passionates me.  Facebook is becoming something in my life : I think I have spent 1 hour receiving new notifications, new messages on my wall etc… and answering them and keeping the ball rolling.

Was is it somehow useful ?
honestly, I cannot deny I got back in touch with people I had lost from sight, or that I did not know that well, and now they are like “people I know better” (at least we share something…). So yes, I gained from not making cold calls I would not have made anyway. I gained from those social interactions, I am falsely feeling supported by a whole community around me.

But is it my job ? not really, or by the farthest extent yes.
I am being drifted into this ? yes, sure even though as I’ve said, it might be relevant socially and a smaller level, professionnaly.

What is sure : technology is enabling and altering my routine life. What makes me really unconfortable is that during the time I spent enriching my social experience of FB and my knowledge of something that may alter the web portal industry,
I have less time for other things that might as satisfying (finishing work earlier, enjoying the day light, spent time with other disconnected people).

I am sure we are living a revolution around the on-line world (whatever the exchange is), I was not part of the first e-revolution (too conservative ? too young ? no idea ? no guts?), and I am not really part of the new wave that came after 2001 (already got a job that I like ? no idea ? no guts ?) but I tend to reassure myself (I still lean forward on entrepreneurship and on setting “one day” my own company) by saying that this might be a way to stay alert and ready to move on the next thing…

In the meanwhile on these glorious days, I keep reading stuff that I tend to be interested in, but that don’t really matter in my life…. Is it serious, doc ?

 picture : Le Penseur (the Thinker), originally uploaded by filtran.