1) A nice summary of different and useful (does this word ‘useful’ mean anything regarding twitter?) applications for twitter, at rMen.

You can find another one here with 10 best apps at Read/Write and the wiki here.

2) I still doesn’t have a clue what this twitter is about though…

It is said that Union Square Ventures  that invested with others , excuse me, round 5 m$, still doesn’t know what to do about it :

The question everyone asks is “What is the business model?” To be completely and totally honest, we don’t yet know. (Fred Wilson).

3) Interesting statistics in this CNET article that gives some perspectives on the numbers :

According to research firm ComScore, the service attracted about 226,000 unique visitors in May, up from 94,000 visitors the previous month and down from a peak of 397,000 in February. (Twitter launched last winter, was officially founded in March, and then was later spun out from Obvious.) That’s less than a drop in the massive buckets of Facebook and MySpace, which drew 26.6 million and 51.4 million, respectively, in May.

Other stats at Jeremy’s based on a FT interview : Twitter spent in March around 115 K$ in SMS (ie. 88 K€).

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