Patchwork Leweb3

So the web3 ended today. My former employee -to which I am supposed to continue working for 1 more month- insisted that I attend some meeting today at the HQ, too bad: I missed the TV conferences (should be available soon at Marteen’s)

Some quick bullet points to underline the main highlights from those 2 days:
– NSPCC is using a map mash-up for donation : your region is being spotted on the map and the total contribution to the cause; triggering some challenges among donators. (Google conference)

– People are concerned with what threats them (Hans Rosling conference), ie. Europe is concerned with CO2 emission, whereas China does not give a damn and is more preoccupied with starving population / best way away from poverty : markets, give them markets !! The killer app in Africa : the ballpen = 4 times less expansive than anyother writing device. What Africa needs as well : cheap electricity to stop the power shortage that hampers any economic/social activity.

– VC conference : beware of the cool clubs effect (they fade quickly), the real question : what people will still want to be doing? Impressive example though : (the site seems to be down, even if it’s a fad, they have already sold 500k items !!)

– Many debates around Europe vs. USA in terms of web innovation and development. Personnaly, no answer to that. It has often been repeated that Europe was lagging in terms of Ecosystem (money + entrepreneurs + consumers + innovative spirit) that everything was disseminated. On the contrary, the Valley has all in one place. Others argued that Europe because has all these different laws and systems and markets, was much better to get start-ups ready for world expansion : once you make it there, you can make it anywhere.

– Other interesting debates about politics, which you could read elsewhere (sure, something I must work on : do not write what is elsewhere, link it).

Picture source: Feuillu